Super Therm

We DARE you to defy the laws of heat transfer!

This gentleman is standing on a metal roof bus coated with Super Therm…the temperature was 46° Celsius which is 115° Fahrenheit.  Would you stand on your metal roof at 4:00pm on a July summer afternoon?

South Texans, we have the opportunity to achieve optimum cooling with a proven ceramic coating that truly blocks and repels the sun’s heat caused by its radiation.

Super Therm®

Super Therm® has four (4) ceramic compounds. Three of these compounds match the wave size of each of the solar radiation waves to block the heat load. The fourth ceramic has such low density that the heat cannot load into the surface of Super Therm® and therefore cannot be absorbed and transferred.  This is why the surface of Super Therm® is not likely to be more than 2-10 degrees F over ambient air temperature in any climate.

If heat load is blocked, there is no heat to be absorbed and transferred even when the surface becomes dirty. Field documentation shows no change in the performance of Super Therm® after 10 years, and only an 8% drop in blocking heat load after 15 years.

Superior Coating of South Texas has team up with Superior Products International II, Inc. to provide South Texans a true and 20 year plus proven ceramic coating.  SPI Coatings were made to save you money because of their innovative performance and long-term durability.  With an international presence in a wide diversity of markets, SPI brings industries peace of mind when it comes to combating high energy costs. SPI offers a ceramic coating system refined from remarkably conclusive data and forged under the most rigorous conditions.

This is my children on a pitched metal roof located at our church in Selma, Texas.  It is 3:00pm on a July afternoon and yes, the temperature was over 100 degrees that day.

Together we can take a BITE out of the sun’s heat by a single Super Therm® application.  Quit paying those high HVAC cooling costs in your house or stop sweating in your favorite work shop.  Please call me, Michael Polanco at (210) 827-6617 for a free demonstration and consultation.